Drug Addiction Treatment Program In Cincinnati, Ohio

New Horizon Recovery Centers' best-in-class Drug Addiction Treatment Program in Cincinnati, Ohio is designed for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Get started today!

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Drug Addiction Treatment Cincinnati OH

Using drugs often starts as a way to fit in, cope with stress, or try new things. Unfortunately, the cycle of addiction is easy to slip into—even after one use. Finding help from drug addiction treatment programs can help break the cycle of addiction so you can live a better life.

The caring staff at New Horizons knows you have the potential to get sober and achieve your goals. Our drug treatment programs in Cincinnati OH provide structure and compassionate support so you can learn how to recover from drug addiction. Contact us by calling 513.717.5457 or completing our confidential online form to learn more about our drug addiction treatment programs in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Commonly Abused Drugs

Drug addiction can ruin lives and families. Comprehensive, personalized treatment programs can help break the cycle of addiction so that you can live a better life.

Some of the most commonly abused drugs include:

  • Marijuana
  • Opioid painkillers
  • Heroin
  • Stimulants
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Hallucinogens

No matter what substance you are using, addiction is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The New Horizons drug addiction treatment programs can provide the compassionate support and structure you need for recovery.

Do You Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

Recognizing the signs of addiction can be challenging. Since addiction can impact every area of your life, realizing you need help stopping your substance use may not be obvious as you try to keep the pieces together.

Understanding when to find drug addiction treatment is vital to stopping the cycle of addiction and moving forward in life. Some questions you can ask to know when it’s time to find help include:

  • Do you constantly think about using drugs?
  • Has your work or school performance been declining?
  • Do you isolate yourself from family and friends?
  • Do you spend more money than you can afford on drugs?
  • Are you lying to your doctor to get more drugs?
  • Have you been stealing drugs or buying them illegally?

These are hard questions to come to terms with, but it’s important to answer them honestly. The New Horizons team can help you learn how to stop using drugs so you can rebuild your life and achieve your goals through personalized care.

Personalized Drug Abuse Treatment Programs at New Horizons

Starting treatment at New Horizons Recovery Centers means you have access to our team of multidisciplinary mental health professionals. As we build bonds with you and develop your treatment plan, we constantly strive to ensure you make progress.

When you start with us, our drug treatment Cincinnati team will guide you through our outpatient treatment process to help you get on the road to recovery. Some of the major steps we’ll guide you through include:

  • Comprehensive assessments – Before you start therapy, our team will connect with you to understand your situation. We’ll learn more about your substance use, mental health, medical, and social history to know what you’ve been through and how to move forward.
  • Tailored programs – When you begin therapy, our focus will be developing a plan that works for you. Using our psychiatric care, evidence-based therapies, family support, and holistic approach to movement and nutrition, you can learn to live without drugs.
  • Continual progress – To ensure you’re getting the most out of your treatment, we consistently check in with you and your family. If you’re not making progress or feel uncomfortable, we will modify your plan to fit your needs.
  • Alumni support – As you move through recovery, we want to ensure you are always on the path to success. With alumni activities, social events, and continued support from our team, New Horizons is here for you long after treatment.

Start Your Journey With Addiction Treatment In Ohio Today

No matter where you’ve been, you can find a better way forward with New Horizons Recovery Centers. Our comprehensive PHP and IOP provide structure and support as you continue your journey to a better tomorrow.

Let’s get started!

Experience new horizons on your journey to a healthy future. Call (513) 717-5457 to build your treatment plan today.
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