Addiction Treatment Programs

Our addiction treatment programs in Ohio strengthen the bonds we make with our clients when they first enter our center.

Addiction Treatment Programs In Ohio

You can make strides toward a happier, healthier tomorrow. No matter where you’ve been, you can break free from your challenges and achieve your goals.

When you struggle with addiction or mental health symptoms, your journey toward a better future starts with compassionate, supportive treatment. New Horizons Recovery Centers has Ohio treatment programs just thirty minutes from the heart of Cincinnati.

At New Horizons, we know that everyone is different. Your struggles with mental health or addiction are unique. That’s why our treatment programs strengthen the bonds we make with our clients when they first enter our center.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs in Ohio

There are many different levels of addiction and mental health treatment—each has a specific role in helping people take the steps toward a lifetime of recovery and wellness.

At New Horizons, we work to bridge the gap between intensive residential treatment and relaxed outpatient therapy.

Both our partial hospitalization program (PHP) and intensive outpatient program (IOP) provide consistent support and structure for people who don’t need constant medical supervision and who have a healthy place to stay at night after treatment.

Our Ohio treatment programs are designed to help our clients heal and develop a community of peers to whom they can relate. During PHP or IOP treatment, we assign each client to a specific healing track with the most benefits for their conditions. One path helps people with substance use disorders, process addictions, and co-occurring disorders. The other supports those with anxiety, mood, and trauma-related disorders.

Partial Hospitalization Program In Ohio

A PHP is perfect for someone who needs a less intense level of care than a residential treatment center offers but more than what relaxed outpatient treatment can provide.

Clients spend most of their day in groups to learn about and discuss their conditions and how to manage them better.

Each week, they will also have individual sessions with a therapist and family counseling. At night, our clients get to go home instead of staying at the center. PHP sessions are held Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An IOP is an excellent way to ease into a less structured program after completing a PHP or residential treatment program.

Group therapy is the cornerstone of our IOP, giving clients the opportunity to continue strengthening their bonds. Clients in our IOP receive the same level of compassion and support as in our PHP, three to five days per week, for three hours per day.

IOP group sessions are held Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Evening IOP Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 6-9PM.

Alumni Program

The road to wellness and recovery does not end when treatment does—our support doesn’t either. Alumni of our programs have the chance to stay connected with others through ongoing clinician-led meetings, social events, and community support opportunities.

Family Program

The understanding and support of the people closest to our clients are vital to helping them build a better future. We encourage families to actively participate in our weekly family sessions, groups led by supportive therapists, and community support programs that promote wellness between families.

Mental Health Treatment

Mental health treatment is all about getting the support you need to feel better emotionally. It starts with our therapist understanding what you're going through and together, you create a plan to tackle your challenges. Through regular sessions, you talk about your feelings and learn new ways to cope.

Between sessions, you might practice new skills or do exercises. Our therapist keeps track of how you're doing and adjusts the plan if needed. Once you're feeling better, you learn how to maintain your progress and get support when you need it. It's a team effort aimed at helping you feel happier and more fulfilled in life.


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No matter where you’ve been, you can find a better way forward with New Horizons Recovery Centers. Our comprehensive PHP and IOP provide structure and support as you continue your journey to a better tomorrow.

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