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Anger is a normal emotion, and being angry is sometimes the correct response to a situation. However, if you feel angry all the time or can’t control your angry impulses, anger may be controlling you. An anger management program can provide new outlets to express strong emotions like anger.

Our mental health treatment programs in Ohio help clients learn how to express their emotions in a healthy way. Call New Horizons Recovery today at 513.717.5457 for information about our anger management treatment options in Cincinnati.

Who Can Benefit from Anger Treatment in Ohio?

If your anger is persistent or if feelings of rage are causing negative consequences in your life, you might have symptoms of a mental health disorder. Some mental health conditions are characterized in part by uncontrollable anger. Angry outbursts, violent or destructive actions, and a general inability to control your temper cause problems in every area of life.

Without treatment, a disorder like intermittent explosive disorder or disruptive mood dysregulation disorder can destroy your most important relationships, damage your career, and even lead to legal consequences. However, you don’t have to be diagnosed with a mental health condition to benefit from an anger management program.

Finding the best anger treatment starts by recognizing the types of anger with which you are struggling.

Aggressive and behavioral anger often results in violent or destructive actions. In contrast, passive-aggressive anger is characterized by withdrawal, procrastination, and sulking.
Cognitive or psychological anger is often accompanied by negative thinking, anxiety, and depression.

Additional types of anger include:

  • Chronic anger, which can lead to physical health problems
  • Destructive anger, which may occur with extreme behavioral anger
  • Self-abusive anger, which can lead to self-harm
  • Sudden or tantrum anger, which comes on without warning and may lead to violent outbursts

The goal of anger management is not to erase the emotion of anger but to help people learn how to express their angry feelings in productive ways. People who set healthy boundaries and stand up for themselves while still behaving respectfully toward others practice what is known as assertive anger.

Symptoms of Extreme Anger

If you were raised in a family where unhealthy expressions of anger are considered normal, you might not recognize your own behavior patterns as dysfunctional.

Some of the symptoms of harmful types of anger include:

  • Threatening or acting on physical violence
  • Verbal abuse, including screaming, name-calling, or making threats
  • Destruction of property, throwing things
  • Explosive outbursts
  • Withdrawing from friends or family members, especially after an angry outburst
  • Bullying, enjoying making others feel afraid
  • Feeling defensive a lot of the time, as if you always have to be ready for an attack

If people in your life are afraid to disagree with you or talk to you about serious matters, addressing your anger with our Ohio anger management treatment program may help you repair your relationships.

What Is an Anger Management Treatment Program?

You can learn to express yourself healthily with the help of an anger management program. Some of the therapies most commonly used in treatment include:

  • Medication
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Support groups
  • Anger management classes

Practicing good self-care can also help you manage your emotions. Exercise is a good outlet for relieving stress that can build up and explode in an angry outburst.

During our anger management treatment in Ohio, clients learn to recognize the triggers that make them angry and practice new coping skills. Family therapy may also be recommended to help repair relationships and give the family unit the support it needs.

New Horizons Recovery Offers Anger Management Treatment in Ohio

If you or a loved one could benefit from anger treatment in Ohio, we can help. Our comprehensive anger management program provides evidence-based therapies in an accepting, non-judgmental environment. Call New Horizons Recovery today at 513.717.5457 or contact us online to learn more.


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