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Your future matters, we're here to help you transform it.

Your future matters. We can teach you skills to manage your emotions, avoid your triggers, and cope with your mental health symptoms without drugs or alcohol. No matter where you have been, we can help you build the foundation for a better tomorrow.

At New Horizons Recovery Centers, we want to help you reach your goals through substance use disorder and mental health treatment.Our programs provide structure, meaningful connections, and unconditional support to help our clients and their families to heal.

We offer a haven between the intensity of crisis management or residential care and the leniency of outpatient therapy.

Living with a substance use disorder or mental health condition can feel lonely, and even at times, hopeless. At New Horizons, we know that every person can make the changes that lead to a happier, healthier future.

Every person who walks through our doors is connected with our compassionate, supportive team.

Our staff works diligently to get to know each person so they can accurately identify their symptoms and develop an evidence-based treatment plan that promotes a lifetime of wellness.

Meaningful Connections for Lifelong Healing

Connecting with each person is one of our primary goals. When we genuinely bond with our clients, we can accurately assess substance use and mental health disorders to develop personalized treatment.

Our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs each offer two separate tracks to better connect with our clients—one track focuses on mood, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders, while the other focuses on substance use, process addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

Treatment Programs to Achieve Your Goals

Our flexible programs provide support and compassion through invaluable medical and therapeutic approaches to every person who walks through our doors.

Each New Horizons treatment program helps our clients make progress through evidence-based modalities and holistic approaches to exercise and nutrition therapies.

When you need a helping hand with your mental health or overcoming addiction, the team at New Horizons will be with you every step of the way. Conveniently located in Cincinnati, Ohio, our private healing center welcomes you.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

An IOP is an excellent bridge between the intensive therapy of a PHP or residential treatment program and a less structured weekly outpatient program. Clients in our IOP receive the same level of compassion and support as more intensive programs for about three hours per day, three to five days per week.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

A PHP is the ideal step down from a residential treatment center or a step up from a less intensive level of care. Clients in our PHP usually spend five to six hours each day in therapy groups that help them learn about their conditions, understand their behavior, and develop better coping skills.

They will also participate in individual and family sessions each week. Each night, our clients enjoy the freedom and comfort of staying at their residence of choice—rather than in a treatment center.

Family Program

The understanding and support of the people closest to our clients are vital to helping them build a better future. We encourage families to actively participate in our weekly family sessions and groups led by supportive therapists and community support programs that promote wellness between families.

Alumni Program

Wellness and recovery continue long after treatment ends—so does our support. Our alumni program offers opportunities to build lasting relationships with others in recovery through clinician-led support meetings, fun social events, and community support programs.


Start Your Journey With Addiction Treatment In Ohio Today

No matter where you’ve been, you can find a better way forward with New Horizons Recovery Centers. Our comprehensive PHP and IOP provide structure and support as you continue your journey to a better tomorrow.

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