Substance Abuse Treatment Program In Cincinnati, Ohio

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Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Cincinnati, Ohio

At New Horizons Recovery Center you are not alone. We offer a behavioral health treatment program where our trauma-informed professionals are trained to understand how trauma affects the life of individuals. Their goal is to help you assess your issues, by getting to know you, through your mental, social, and health history.

Mental Health Treatment

Part of our health treatment program is mental health treatment, where we work to provide a pathway toward treatment that is best suited for you by discovering your triggers, symptoms, and behavior. Our therapists desire your continued future success by understanding your specific strengths and passion to help you design a treatment plan that will lead you to that success.

With various treatment options from psychiatric treatment and therapy designed for you, your road to continued emotional, behavioral, and cognitive healing and recovery is our priority.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment is one of the most successful treatment services in ourhealth treatment program. Addiction and substance abuse can take hold of sufferers and make them feel like they will never let go.

Professionals at New Horizons Recovery Center are there for you to meet you where you are in your journey to recover from substance abuse and addiction.

Your road to recovery from addiction is within reach, with comprehensive inpatient and outpatient treatment structures, paired with our health treatment program, various group therapy alongside others who have experienced similar struggles.

Our professionals use evidence-based health treatment program methods, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, to help you understand what drives your addictions. They teach you how to cope with stress and emotions to help you avoid relapse. Our team works with you to develop goals and an action plan to help you achieve and maintain sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many times dual diagnosis treatment is necessary for co-occurring issues. Through your assessments for substance abuse, you may also be diagnosed with an underlying mental health issue. Managing both of these challenges is important to ensure you are getting the proper mental, emotional, and medical help needed to prevent a relapse.

Outpatient Treatment

Our professionals at New Horizons Recovery Center have the option for patients to receive thorough and intensive treatment through outpatient health treatment program services. Outpatient services allow you to maintain your life and busy schedule, while still receiving a structured recovery plan.

With any of our health treatment program services, professional therapists work with you in required groups based on your mental health or addiction treatment needs with members who are suffering from similar challenges. An evidence-based and holistic approach to therapy allows for a deep dive into the reasons and triggers behind your issue.

Receive help in understanding those triggers. Walk through the process of dealing and coping with your painful history, and dealing with its discomfort in a more positive, productive, and healthier way.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy at New Horizons Recovery Center provides a safe environment for you to unpack your struggles, determine what triggers them, and structure a plan of action on a one-on-one basis with the professional therapist.

Individual therapy takes away the added pressure of being judged by peers so that you feel free to open up about your feelings and thoughts during your most vulnerable times.

Group Therapy

Sessions with a group that is going through similar challenges help you find connection, encouragement, and much-needed support through the recovery process.

Sharing your story with others who understand your struggles helps in the healing process. Group therapy allows you to safely express your fears and wins in the recovery process and find a strong network of support. You truly are not alone through this journey.

Family Therapy

You are not the only one who suffers when you struggle with mental health and addiction. It takes a toll on your relationships and family dynamics, especially when they have little understanding of what you are going through.

Family therapy is an integral part of our health treatment program and the recovery process. It helps them understand your struggles and involves them in the journey to better support you through them.

Our professional therapists are trained to work with families with the help of our health treatment program, where they build back relationships through the healing process and for them to become a part of your supportive community to help in understanding your needs, triggers, and challenges through recovery.

We all know that outside the walls of professional care, your family is your biggest support in the healing process.

Relapse Prevention

The journey to recovery for mental health and addiction sufferers is an ongoing process. A continuous support system is an essential part of relapse prevention.

With a combination of evidence-based therapies and our health treatment program, cognitive and dialectical behavior therapy in group and individual and family settings, along with a holistic approach to healing from within with a balanced lifestyle, a solid treatment plan is a start to your recovery.

You, your family, and your support group outside of the center are trained to recognize relapse patterns through your treatment and therapies. Additionally, at New Horizons Recovery Center, we know that full recovery takes ongoing support.

Our alumni program is your connection to help you prevent relapse. A strong network that keeps you accountable and encourages continued success is key.

Regularly connecting with peers who have seen your struggles and understanding the daily challenges you may face can be the difference between retention and relapse.

Medication Management

Many mental health issues and substance abuse issues need specific medication to manage and maintain balance and treat pain through the treatment process. At New Horizons Recovery Center, your specific needs are assessed and if medication is needed, you are prescribed that medication in conjunction with other health treatment program services.

Substance Abuse Treatment Program in Cincinnati

Our medical professionals and our health treatment program teach you to not only cope with your challenges and struggles through therapy but also educate you and your support network to recognize the benefits and side effects of medication as part of your recovery.

They work with your therapists to make sure you are receiving the correct dosage to help in the treatment process.

Understanding that you are not alone when you seek help for your mental or substance abuse struggles, is half the battle. Your team of professionals at New Horizons Recovery Center, your peers, and your family are all here as you take your life back and heal from your past.


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